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The Science

Mimicking physiological conditions is critical to obtaining accurate molecular information from cells
  • Brain
    • 2 PSI
  • Lung
    • 1 PSI
  • Tumor
    • 3 PSI
  • Bone
    • 2.5 PSI

Mimicking the body

The Avatar™ system is a revolutionary cell culturing platform that replicates the physiological environment of native tissues to deliver reproducible and biologically relevant molecular analysis. The Avatar system enables complete control of environmental parameters such as O₂, CO₂, and atmospheric pressure to mimic various physiological conditions found within the body. The Avatar system overcomes limitations of traditional cell culture methods to enable enrichment and long term cultivation of stem cells and patient derived tumor cells. These cells can be cultured to retain the same phenotypic, genomic and proteomic characteristics as the native sample when complemented with the appropriate substrates and chemically-defined media. As opposed to working under a single culturing condition, users can evaluate cell function, gene regulation and protein expression across the range of physiologically relevant conditions. The Xcell platform provides for the first time the unique ability to preferentially culture and expand circulating tumor cell colonies from peripheral blood, and does so without a bias toward cell size or surface marker presentation