Expand cells fast. Even the difficult ones.

The AVATAR™ Cell Control System lets you fine tune culture conditions to your cell type. Expand patient-derived tumor, immune and stem cell populations easily with consistent results every time. You can grow up to 8X more cells with AVATAR in the same time it takes with standard methods, or just use it to expand cells faster – your choice. Because AVATAR recreates a more relevant microenvironment, cells stay happy and healthy too.

Customizing settings based on cell type or native microenvironment allows cells to behave as they would in vivo. AVATAR lets you adjust more environmental settings than traditional incubators. So you can now study cells under a range of conditions and find out which combination of factors is ideal for each type of cell.

Fast expansion of immune cells

AVATAR’s simple immune expansion approach with expert-backed protocols and tailored TcellR8 reagents compresses typical cell expansion timelines. You’ll get to your endpoint faster with more cells to work with and they’ll survive the process.


Using the AVATAR workflow and settings, CD8+ cells were generated from fresh blood 8X faster than conventional culture protocols and conditions. At day 11 with AVATAR, 45.6 million CD+ T cells were able to grow compared to only 6.04 million cells using conventional culture.

Now you can finally run accurate cell-based assays and molecular analysis on healthy immune cells. AVATAR provides a culturing workflow to maintain and propagate a variety of nucleated cell types present in blood samples including co-cultures of suspended T-cells, B-cells, NK cells, and adherent dendritic cells.

Generate tumor organoids

Typical organoid generation is time consuming, and often takes many months to yield enough cells for PDX development. AVATAR’s expansion workflow lets you generate adherent or suspension organoids in days.


Prostate tumor organoids after two weeks in culture using the AVATAR system. Cells were efficiently passaged in 6 days, and yielded enough organoids in 10 days for injection into six mouse models.

From our Customers

Improve your primary tumor culture

With AVATAR, you can propagate tumor, immune and stem cells from donor/patient tissues by controlling the atmospheric pressure and oxygen concentration that model the cells’ specific environment.

Ex vivo co-culture of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma colonies from fine-needle aspirates. Cancer cells are stained in red & green (EpCAM + CK), non-labeled cells represent the stromal cells derived from the biopsy.

Our proprietary tumor/tissue collagenase-based dissociation buffers increase cell viability and enrichment, and serum-free, chemically defined culture media that’s optimized for carcinomas maintains and propagates cancer cells ex vivo.

Proprietary XcellR8 and Dissoci8 media.

AVATAR tumor expansion workflow

Our Dissoci8 Kit lets you dissociate patient-derived samples from tumor, needle, and punch biopsies, then enrich them with our proprietary formulations for expansion

  1. Primary sample prep: Our Dissoc8 Kit is used for tumor dissociation and target cell isolation.
  2. Cell expansion prep: Tumor microenvironments are replicated with a combination of our Xcellr8 Kit and AVATAR with hypoxia and pressure for optimal cell expansion.

AVATAR expansion applications

Xcell Bioscience customers are using AVATAR for faster cell expansion, higher viability and to grow more of their target cells. Here are just a few of the applications they’re running:

  • Generation of iPSCs
  • Generation of neural progenitor cells (NPCs) from iPSCs
  • Generation of cardiomyocytes from iPSCs
  • Non-small cell lung cancer cell expansion
  • Pancreatic cell expansion
  • 2D and 3D organoid formation and expansion
  • Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte expansion and cell state control
  • Expansion of T-cells and NK-cells

Easy Cell Control

Drive cells to differentiation or target just the population profiles you need. AVATAR gives you advanced control of cell state by controlling gene, protein, and metabolic profiles. So now you can derive the target cells you want, when you want them. Learn more.

Utilize Key Cell Types

Work with immune cells, stem cells, tumor cells, organoids and even rare, precious cells you’ve never been able to use before. Only AVATAR lets you regulate and alter both the atmospheric pressure and oxygen concentration to what’s optimal for your cell type. Learn more.

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