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Limited time only. Restrictions apply


The Avatar Explorer program provides access to Xcellbio's incubation platform for U.S. based academic researchers interested in performing proof-of-concept experiments in the field of immuno-oncology and stem cell biology


For a limited time only, academic researchers interested in generating data with Avatar System can apply for the Explorer program, providing 6-month access to an Avatar System for $5K


What do I get for $5K?

Priority shipping, handling and on-site installation of an Avatar System is included.  All taxes, insurance and instrument depreciation cost is also included


What happens after 6 months?

Approved Explorer users can renew for an additional 6 months of evaluation for an extra $5K.   Users can also purchase their Avatar System at any time during the 6 month evaluation period, with $5K credited towards the final purchase price. Users can also ship back the Avatar System to Xcellbio to complete their participation in the Avatar Explorer program

How do I apply for the Avatar Explorer program? What are the eligibility requirements? 

Fill out the form below.  The Avatar Explorer program is only eligible to academic researchers based in the continental U.S.  Academic institutions, non-profit research centers, and government labs are all eligible

How soon can I get my hands on an Avatar System? 

Approval process for the Explorer program will take about two business days. Upon approval, users will be able to provide payment and schedule on-site installation in about 2 to 3 weeks. Fill out the form below to get started


Thank your for applying to the Avatar Explorer program!


tumor environment modeling

Identify novel checkpoint inhibitors that work effectively under immunosuppressive tumor microenvironments


stem cell differentiation

Enhance iPSC reprogramming & stem cell differentiation efficiency


cell therapy optimization

Enhance CAR-T potency, persistence & homing


organoid research

Generate organoids and spheroids that thrive under hypoxic culture conditions