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Finally, an incubator designed specifically for the cultivation of primary human cells

The AVATAR Odyssey lets you fine-tune oxygen and pressure levels to cater culture conditions to your cell type of interest. Customizing settings based on tumor type or native microenvironment allows cells to behave as they would in vivo

the human microenvironment is hypoxic and pressurized

avatar human body.png

The human body is made up of diverse microenvironments that influence the behavior and molecular profiles of cells


Tissues are hypoxic and pressurized. They function at a much lower oxygen level than the basic air environment in typical CO2 incubator, and interstitial fluid pressures vary depending on the tissue and organ type

model the tumor microenvironment with
the avatar odyssey

Avatar System from Xcellbio

Only AVATAR Odyssey lets you regulate and alter both the atmospheric pressure and oxygen concentration to what’s optimal for your cell type and research

Modulation of pressure & oxygen has profound effects on cell homeostasis

avatar hypoxia and pressure venn diagram

Oxygen and pressure have distinct physiological effects and both play important but independent roles in the human microenvironment. Under hypoxic and pressurized culturing conditions, changes are seen in cell morphology, gene and protein expression. Modulation of atmospheric pressure affects the mechanobiology of cell function during culture, and has profound effects on cell homeostasis and metabolism

Study how cells respond under physiological culture conditions

avatar workflow.png

Cells under pressure: The AVATAR Odyssey can regulate pressure settings to alter gene and protein expression profiles of cells

avatar altered gene expression profiles from prostate cancer cells.png

Users all over the world have adopted the AVATAR Odyssey

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Avatar System from Xcellbio.png

tumor environment modeling

Identify novel checkpoint inhibitors that work effectively under immunosuppressive tumor microenvironments


stem cell differentiation

Enhance iPSC reprogramming & stem cell differentiation efficiency


cell therapy optimization

Enhance CAR-T potency, persistence & homing


organoid research

Generate organoids and spheroids that thrive under hypoxic culture conditions

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