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AACR Insights - Featured Talks and Posters

Here we share two scientific perspectives on how optimizing cellular microenvironments are leading to improvements in cell therapy efficacy, and one scientific perspective on advancing treatments for solid tumors.


"Eureka moments are rare in research, but this was one for me. For the first time, an immunologic maneuver had caused the regression of cancer in a human. Linda remains disease free now over 35 years later." -An excerpt from Steven Rosenburg’s recent article entitled: A Journey in Science: Immersion in the search for effective cancer immunotherapies (Molecular Medicine, 2021)


Dr. Akhouli, from Moffitt Cancer Center, described a novel methodology where TILs recovered from expansion in hypoxic conditions have increased efficacy compared with TILs expanded in normoxia upon rechallenge with an autologous tumor. Watch to learn more about their work here

​Dr. Jafarzadeh from Georgetown University, demonstrated how ascorbic acid treatment can enhance anti-tumor effects via restoration of cytotoxic T cell functions under hypoxic TME. Learn more about their work here

​Dr. Klichinsky, from Carisma Therapeutics, revealed their progress on eradicating solid tumors with CAR mono-derived CAR-M cells where the use of these myeloid cells overcomes several challenges exhibited by solid tumor immune suppressive activity. Read more about their work here

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